Our Product line up for 2016

Tube Single Ended power amps

The audio king of triodes is the 845 DHT = Direct heated triodes. This is my favorite tube of all .

Outerlimit 29900 € / pair

uniek .

Pandoras Star 5990 € / Pair

New Era New concept super ecological efficient design. Simplified shortened direct drive signal path guarantees minimum of distortions and interference, obvious criteria are no feedback and superior parts, the parts count is minimal

This is the first 845SE amplifier using this technologie. Completely in house designed SMPS powersupply. Lightweight only 10Kg per monoblock & 32 Watt Rms. Frequentie 25Hz-25KHz on 8ohm load.

A new housing is under design , either wood or rounded extruded anodised aluminium to give the whole product line a similar look from preamp to power amp to phono. Maybe a touch of wood on the sides ? Time will tell.

Obvious options are remote control and volume adjustement

On special request u can still order are old line up :

2A3 SE 300B Single Ended KT88 PSE en PP met KT120 of KT150 6C33SE en 845 PP

Speakers Corner

Odyssey 2990€ pair

Very compact floor model.

The best speaker under 10000€ . Has all that an audiophile requires 3D imaging, serious depth , bass that defies the size & highs that are silksmooth but yet very detailed the listening is fatigue free which proves its quite a fase coherente speaker.

Options : ultra slim or trimmed sides

Colossus 9990 € paar

This is a mighty speaker, it has a 46cm or 18 inch woofer. Its a real mens monitor inspired by the JBL 4345. Had to do better offcourse, U are the judge

High efficiency, bass unit has 97dB/w/m so that sets the pace for the rest.

Hand build , no CNC machining, plays georgious with Pandoras Star.

Still finetuning the filter, feel free to come and listen

Vinyl Corner

We offe 3 Riaa tube phono stages

These can be integrated geintegreerd with the Othello Ref line amp

Nutty Phono , Gollum Phono , Picollo Phono

1299 € ..............1299 € .......... 999 € ....

We sell Audio Technica MM & MC Cells & turntables


AT-33EV 449€


AT-440 MLB 159€

AT-120Eb 119€

AT-100e 69€

Also demo and distribute the awesome

Automatik Silant NESSIE vinyl cleaner

Your welcome to come & clean your records for a modest fee 1,5 €/record

We also sell many beautifull classical and jazz records.

Step up Transformers


Copper OFC Hi end 1:13 399 euro

Copper OFC Amorphous core transformers 699 euro

Amorphous core silver wounded transformers 1699 euro

Options = Impedance adjustment to really dial down your cartridge

Pre amplifier

Othello Reference 1990€

Puristik pre amp has athe same dedicated direct drive circuit of the power amplifiers = minimal part count , no feedback and very tight powersupply . NOS tubes, Direct Drive & Autobias, Silver wiring, Common mode choke followed by active E-choke. Special Filament section, inrush current limiters, low drop regulator, negatieve bias supply. Bypassed with Mundorf T-caps.

Options = Remote control , tube recitfier

Probably the definite chassis will look like this anodised alu rounded corners


Silver plated Aerospace cable + RCA Eti Zilver AG bullit plug Terminated

foto = std plug = budget version but same cable

Set stereo 60cm = 249 euro ( different lengths possible)

Duelund Silver flatcable with Silk oil &Eti zilver bullit plugs

Set Stereo 60cm = 499 euro


Duelund Zilver flatcable met silk impregnated oil

V1,0 per meter 132 euro / meter

V2,0 per meter 199 euro / meter

Zilver plated 2,5mm2 multi OFC 12,5 euro / meter























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