Our Product line up for 2019

Speakers Corner

Odyssey Speaker 2990€ pair

Very compact floor model.

The best speaker under 10000€ . Has all that an audiophile requires 3D imaging, serious depth , bass that defies the size & highs that are silksmooth but yet very detailed the listening is fatigue free which proves its quite a fase coherente speaker.

Options : ultra slim or trimmed sides

Colossus 9990 € paar

This is a mighty speaker, it has a 46cm or 18 inch woofer. Its a real mens monitor inspired by the JBL 4345. Had to do better offcourse, U are the judge

High efficiency, bass unit has 97dB/w/m so that sets the pace for the rest.

Hand build , no CNC machining, plays georgious with Odyssey GM70.

Still finetuning the filter, feel free to come and listen

Vinyl Corner

We offer 4 Riaa tube phono stages

These can be integrated geintegreerd with the Othello Ref line amp

Odyssey 6922 reference , 396A Phono , Picollo Phono

1999 € ..............1499 € .......... 999 € ....

We sell Audio Technica MM & MC Cells & turntables


AT-33EV 449€


AT-440 MLB 159€

AT-120Eb 119€

AT-100e 69€

Also demo and distribute the awesome

Automatik Silant NESSIE vinyl cleaner

Your welcome to come & clean your records for a modest fee 1,5 €/record

We also sell many beautifull classical and jazz records.

Step up Transformers


Copper OFC Hi end 1:13 399 euro

Copper OFC Amorphous core transformers 699 euro

Amorphous core silver wounded transformers 1699 euro

Options = Impedance adjustment to really dial down your cartridge

Pre amplifier

Othello Reference 1990€

Puristik pre amp has athe same dedicated direct drive circuit of the power amplifiers = minimal part count , no feedback and very tight powersupply . NOS tubes, Direct Drive & Autobias, Silver wiring, Common mode choke followed by active E-choke. Special Filament section, inrush current limiters, low drop regulator, negatieve bias supply. Bypassed with Mundorf T-caps.

Options = Remote control , tube recitfier

Probably the definite chassis will look like this anodised alu rounded corners


Silver plated Aerospace cable + RCA Eti Zilver AG bullit plug Terminated

foto = std plug = budget version but same cable

Set stereo 60cm = 249 euro ( different lengths possible)

Duelund Silver flatcable with Silk oil &Eti zilver bullit plugs

Set Stereo 60cm = 499 euro


Duelund Zilver flatcable met silk impregnated oil

V1,0 per meter 132 euro / meter

V2,0 per meter 199 euro / meter

Zilver plated 2,5mm2 multi OFC 12,5 euro / meter























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