813 SE trans impedance amplifier

Based on an article read on tube cad. Very interesting actually as this is another way of implementing feedback. In short actually very short feedback loop improves the whole god damn thing, less distortion makes the amp more quiet lower output impedance and much bigger bandwith and all this without stability problems. Tried many drivers EL83 , 12BY7 , E81L , EL84 , 6HZ8 but the C3m beats them hands down. So using a very powerfull output tube a pentode with good gain easy to drive we get sound that is amaing, its coloured and very pleasing as it has mostly even harmonics so its very soft on the ears its very warm and tube like. And the bass is great as usual negative bias and tight powersupply allways helps in the bass department.

Its also a very fast amp and very good for blues , good fat warm sound really amazing .the C3m makes magic possible and its not an expensive amp to build.

There will be a complete kit , it uses the same chassis as the new captain 845SE amp so economically this should be a bargain. performance 35 Watts RMS , clips at 38 Watts

Its know available as a complete kit incl pcb's and components and dual mono powersupply without housing for 1995euro.


Prototype :




pcb's Timer and powersupply




A fully build one will be available soon, pictures to follow.


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