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You can build anything you want (Bipole, Dipole; horn, d'Appolito,
Full range, Electrostatic,...) and if you have done a good job sound
will always be good, even very good.

2 Way systems with first order filters work easiest and guaranteed fantastic result

CURRENTLY our best kit = ODYSSEY is a 2 way speaker

Multiple drivers also gurantee best results at low cost.

There's unfortunately no such thing as the perfect thing, there is
no best tweeter or Bass speaker or midrange drivers, there are a
lot of very good ones and we will suggest some:

A few tips for DIY: ( general rules , but there are exceptions )
1) Electrostatic pannels and ribbon speakers have low effieciency and are
not " really " suited for tube Single-Ended application.
(Avoid it). But again , not necessarily so......

2) D'appolito systems are excellent and will
allways sound good, while they keep a relative high sensibility.
if filtered gently with high quality 6 dB slopes the reward is world class

AND THE REASON FOR THAT is actually very simple , D'Appolito or MTM secret lies in the fact you divide the electrical energy to 2 units therefore greatly reducing doppler distortion and other mechanical distortion.

Suddenly the speaker has more dynamic range , and can be filtered more simply which again enhances its 3D soundstage.

So the REAL TRICK is to use many units as to greatly reduce distortion and increase dynamic resolution , the quality of the driver is then suddenly irrelevant as we are not interested in its performances at 50% power , and all speakers work just as good at 20% power. Above that the investment in better magnetics , better surround , better baskets better design , better voice coil ect is noticable !!!! So u gain and no need for EXOTIC HIGH END DRIVERS :-)

3) Horns are fantastic, they get the adrenaline flowing, they are in other
words a real pleasure to listen too with any SE amp BUT you need huge
basshorns, excelent midrange horn + drivers and mid high and high
frequency horns, AND a big listening room that is very well damped.
Such a horn system uses minimum a 3 way Xover. (forget 2 way Xovers).
4) Full-range, again for SE this is marvelous and soft/warm sound without
the adrenaline from above. Very good indeed (not suited for high volume
or low bass). Fostex offers some good priced models they are my favourites, then you can combine full range with hornloading , and try different speakers . Today there is a vast range and I havent played with them.......
5) Recommended drivers and filter components:
Tweeters : The smaller the voice coil and the dome , the better the ulitmate HF response and speed is

BUT one of the big constraints for a tweeter is its lowest possible frequency and the resonances that will have an affect in its bandwith . Meaning u need a balance here. 2 way vs 3 way vs 4 way vs Fullrange !!!!!

As a Tweeter some ribbons excel , they have issues because there large emmiting surface which are fase related......

Currently my 4 favourites are : Accuton C2-12/6 & Seas KT19 & Monacor DT-300 modified & Fostex T90A

Midranges : Max size is 5 inch for hi end , I love the Monacor SPH-130 , the Accuton C2 79/6 too.

I favor paper cones and Ceramic cones , paper has a warm colouring and Ceramic is better.

Bass : The secret here is to look at Fs and to understand the relation of Fs and Qts

Here Alu cones for deep bass is great , beware of resonances ALU is unforgiving....

Paper cones are also and allways will be excellent, Ceramic is the only better cone IMHO ;)

Absolute recommended : Seas CA-22RNX , CA-26RNX , Older Scan Speak 21W8555 & 25W8565
The Accuton C2-222/6 is awesome and some Monacors look excellent but I havent played with them yet.

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