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  Peerless Data Sheet

HDS 134
134 WR 26 90 SD AL 8 ohm    -    Order ID: 850488

A High End mid-woofer with rigid aerodynamic cast aluminium basket profile and ventilated spider. The basket provides the necessary sturdy base for the magnet structure and suspension and allows for long excursion of the cone. The spider is ventilated to achieve the lowest possible compression and to allow air to flow freely to create a cooling effect for the voice coil. The design of the basket front allows for very slim box designs and the edges are chamfered to re-duce the necessary amount of counter sinking.The three or five layer sandwich cone improves accuracy and consistency of sound reproduction over the entire frequency range, creating a more "musical" driver. Due to the soft suspension, an excellent dynamic small signal reproduction is obtained. Other features are high sensitivity, gold plated terminals and very low harmonic and difference tone distortion. This woofer is applicable on a wide range of applications, and is especially ideal for small 2-way bookshelf boxes as well as multiple alignment for floorstand boxes.


HDS 134
Thiele Small parameters: Free air Common Baffled
Nominal impedance Zn (ohm)   8  
Minimum impedance/at freq. Zmin (ohm/Hz)   6.4/376  
Maximum impedance Zo (ohm)   34.6  
DC resistance Re (ohm)   5.7  
Voice coil inductance Le (mH)   1.0  
Capacitor in series with 8 ohm
(for impedance compensation)
Cc (F)   7  
Resonance Frequency fs (Hz) 61.1   59.9
Mechanical Q factor Qms 2.07   2.11
Electrical Q factor Qes 0.41   0.42
Total Q factor Qts 0.34   0.35
F (Ratio fs/Qts) F (Hz)     172
Mechanical resistance Rms (Kg/s)   1.89  
Moving mass Mms (g) 10.2   10.6
Suspension compliance Cms (mm/N)   0.67  
Effective cone diameter D (cm)   10.8  
Effective piston area Sd (cm)   91  
Equivalent volume VAS (ltrs)   7.6  
Force factor Bl (N/A)   7.4  
Reference voltage sensitivity
Re 2.83V 1m at 376 Hz (Measured)
(dB)     89.2

Magnet and voice coil parameters:
Voice coil diameter d (mm) 26
Voice coil length h (mm) 14
Voice coil layers n 2
Flux density in gap B (T) 1.24
Total useful flux (mWb) 0.83
Height of the gap hg (mm) 6
Diameter of magnet dm (mm) 90
Height of magnet hm (mm) 15
Weight of magnet (kg) 0.4

Measuring methods and conditions are stated in Peerless Standard for Acoustic Measurements (PSAM)