Our own design SMPS powersupplys for tube amps

Welcome, we carry great inventory of stock.

We offer advise, great repair and modification service.

We gladly help u out on your projects as well :)

And this Since 1995 :)

Many advantages : lightweight, better efficiency , everything is better , from start up timers to inrush current limiters to stability to regulation to lower output impedance and safety wise thei is a much better fault protection , a glass fuse is very slow and less waisted iron and the best is your back will be eternally gratefull :-)

Double C core transformers. Done the right way .

An art mastered by Lundahl since 1958

The capacitor page

All brands we follow and all common items in stock


Alternative Iron , Toroids , chokes

Audio Note transformers and Tango sometimes


Tubes for Sale , the big brands and many NOS types

Emission Labs , EH , TJ

Shuguang (only factory in China makes the Psvane ) Sovtek , Tungsol


Link for all parts u need to build a pre or power amp

Rca plugs , Pcb boards , knobs , Resistors , cables ,

mA and Volt meters analog , speaker binding posts ect


Speaker parts page , popular brands

Accuton , Monacor , Seas , Fostex and many vintage units


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The new SE design pages with our best sounding circuits
The PP page
The phono pre amp and headphone DIY page
Tips for building DIY

Word of Caution:

Many of our projects use leathel voltages which can KILL !

Its very simple , if u have the slightest hesitation then dont do it.

From our point of vue : ONLY if u know exactly what you are doing and you understand the risks then u can consider to attempt building our projects

Allways make shure you know what you're doing, and work on your project as much as possible without power. We cannot be held responsible for accidents !

Just pictures of past realised projects mainly speakers