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We carry a wide range and have almost everything in stock. Other types are also available on request.

The MPP we sell and use as a bypass for years, is built with extra attention by the manufacturer. His way of soldering the terminal legs is perfect, and indeed you can clearly hear that this is a sublime inexpensive way to improve any capacitor. Especially as a bypass parallell capacitor this is well suited. The trick is be sensible and use the 1/100 rule to determine value

Others use other types such as the Vishay MKP 1847, but the MPP is still the better, the principle remains the same.

The funny thing is that differences are practically zero, but clearly audible.

Duelund VSF = Virtual stack foil capacitor, available in Alu en Copper en Silver foil

Large technical difference with respect to other types of capacitors is true that this film is used and not metallized.

Furthermore, this is a truly green product, high density paper soaked in mineraalwax and coated with pure silk and finally coated with natural lacquer. Mr. Steen Duelund the remaining structures determined and namely the capacitor rolled get steamrolled but gives you a very low inductance and resonance makes this totally free. (To the extent that it is possible)

All Duelund prices , VSF & Cast Copper & Silver & Alu.

The VSF is the VERY




The Cast is for tube amps

Sound, accurate with a warm timbre and a velvety sound, while no details are lost.

3D, lightness and precision and very pleasant are the right characteristics.

Mundorf Silver Oil supreme and Silver Gold Oil

These have the special Mundorf know how. Are made by two capacitors that are wrapped in opposite direction, also available with a gold 1% mixture in silver that supposedly improves the crystal structure.I hear little difference. But I deliver them. They are much more expensive .

Zeer geschikt voor buizenversterkers

Voor sommigen is dit de condensator en voor anderen is ie te onpersoonlijk.

En ook absoluut aan te raden voor luidspreker filters
En zelfs in absolute high end toestellen in de voeding.

Deze condensator voegt geen timbre toe, is zeer ongekleurd en zeer nauwkeurig maar blijft ook zijdezacht.


Mundorf T-cap

Unbelievable !!!


Excellent for powersupplys

And even for xover when u need bigger values

This is a secret tip :)

De betere Hi End polypropyleen cap

Is ook in zilverfolie verkrijgbaar en in zilver goud versie ook.

Speciaal aanbevolen voor luidsprekers en versterkers .
Zijdezacht en rijk timbre, verveeld nooit.

Duelund Alexander

Paper in oil copper foil & silver foil

Newly build capacitor , where the internal central spacer is left inside instead of removed

Best standard paper in oil cap of the market
Was allways excellent in tube driven quipment due to its involvment it renders
Richer tone, but this one retains a level of clarity deep in the HF range


Audyn different types

Audyn has so many types we will not list these , just email us what u need and we follow the lowest price u can find if we can. The Audyn plus range and many others are quite excellent.

email us

Mundorf different types

We like them all The EVO series get a special recommendation

The Jantzen Cross Cap is the best MKP low budget cap available.
Soft sound , very easy and complete on the ears , rich in tone , a bargain Vooral in voedingen zeer goed parallell aan een elco met nog een kleine MPP parallell eraan. Het is nog altijd een goeie allrounder die mooi zacht klinkt, beetje hol in de lage frekwenties en mist beetje detail t.o.v de andere toppers
Black Gate only a few pieces left

Elna Cerafine & Silmic & Oscon

Very Large stock of this very audiophile elcos. They will have very low measured harmonic distortion.

Wonderful as cathode bypass and powersupply in digital and opamp circuits
Large values in filters very useful, better a polarized Black Gate or Elna than bipolar or large mkp..
Beautiful just beautiful, warmer than Black Gate and almost as accurate

Papier in oil MPP Made in Germany


Especially in tube power amplifiers of this is a winner. Unfortunately, available until end of stock.
Great for xovers too midrange

MPP Xicon en andere

The best bypass caps.

Gebruik dit al 20j en sommigen gebruiken de Vishay MKP 1837

Zilver mica cap & MPP caps

Excellent cheap way to improve any cap in its HF range

Also shamelessly good in tone correction circuits and in phono Riaa
Its hard to believe what improvement you get with these simple things.

Mundorf High Voltage elektrolyten and other elektrolytics

Jensen 4 pole are a new breed where the ground is separated at the connectors so the capacitor sees his charge and discharge circuit individually and therefore groundloops are broken .
The mundorf high voltage are high quality electrolytics build to high german standard. Low ESR and solid engineering.




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